Ten years ago, I met my husband while volunteering at a blueberry farm. We felt in love and we spent a wonderful time traveling together in Australia.

I knew my husband was previously diagnosed 4 years prior with a chronic health condition called Fibromyalgia (major symptoms are chronic pain and fatigue, to name a few). His lack of energy did not matter as much while we were traveling. However, when our two children were born, the stress of having kids and running a household worsened my husband’s condition. We struggled and ploughed through the busy period of having newborns. That period was so hard that I was determined to find solutions to my husband’s health condition.

After ten years of researching about chronic illness, plus my ten years of experience on alternative health prior to meeting my husband, I am here to share over twenty years of health knowledge in an effort to help others on their journey back to health. I don’t want any more people to suffer unnecessarily and undergo the same hardships we went through. There are solutions to everything!

In this website, you will find loads of information on various topics. In the health section, you will find articles and recommendations about different conditions and potential solutions like nutrition, grounding…etc. In the well-being section, we will continue posting information on things like mental health, lifestyle, gardening and other activities that can help promote the spark of well-being. We also have different assessment tools for you to help understand yourself better in ways that may not have been obvious. In the resources page, we will update information on books, articles and websites so that we can share the knowledge of health, well-being, happiness and love.

We wish you well and be inspired in this journey through life!